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Living in a Future-Science World

by Elliott Maynard, Ph.D.
Dr. Elliott Maynard’s master paradigm, Future-Science Technology,
sets forth the quantum-field science for the future: A new conscious

operating system for humans and the environment. His 25 keys to

personal and planetary evolution form a living tapestry which reveals

how anyone can access the quantum field to enrich their lives and

expand their consciousness. Convinced that integrating 

traditional science with consciousness technology will yield new breakthrough solutions for the global problems of Planet Earth, for our sustainability and ultimate survival, Dr. Maynard's comprehensive model is flexible, evolvable and timeless. He calls his living templates "enlightened pathways into the future."  Future-Science Technology is a distinctive system which inspires the development of a "Brave New Mind of Future Man, Homo Novus, Living in a Future-Science World."

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Transforming the Global Biosphere



by Elliott Maynard, Ph.D.
The Twelve Futuristic Strategiesrepresent a set of inspirational

tools for creative thinking and action, designed to promote an

environmentally sustainable future for the universal benefit of

the human race, its planetary home-world, and the generations

yet to come.

"If we are to survive as a species on this planet, let us be forewarned that our survival depends on how well we conserve and protect this fragile Earth, as it is a place for each of us to live, breathe, and bask in the brilliant diversity of life." – Selma Brackman, Exec. Dir. & Co-Founder, War and Peace Foundation, NY

"Elliott Maynard has provided important top-down perspectives in developing metastrategies for humans to protect the global biosphere, where aware beings must interact with each other, othr life forms, and parts of the dynamic universe. He develops many practicably ideas to support humans playing a dominant stewardship role in maintaining the future sustainability of the Earth."
– Kenneth J. Cox, Ph.D. - Former Chief Technologist, NASA Johnson Space Center, Apollo Project, Founder of the Aerospace Technology Working Group

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Future-Science Art



by Elliott Maynard, Ph.D.
A unique Paradigm for Creating "Living Artworks,"
Future-Science Art® is a unique mode of artistic expression

for the New Millennium. As a neo-renaissance methodology,

it interweaves ancient and modern perspectives, and the

incorporation and manipulation of subtle energies during the

construction of the artwork.

By achieving a heightened awareness of subtle energy fields and interdimensional forces, the artist becomes a conscious co-creator of Living Artworks. These Living Artworks... Art Children... are alive, in the sense that each artwork embodies its own unique set of energy coordinates. The final arrangement of these coordinates, each with its own energy signature, plus the energy the artist employs to construct them, form a three- dimensional energy entity. This entity has the capability to raise and evolve the consciousness of anyone who focuses their attention on the artist’s work. Throughout the creative process, the artist is rewarded for his efforts by a corresponding evolution and expansion of his own consciousness.
Future-Science Art® is one aspect of a new Master Paradigm called Future-Science Technology® and is the result of over thirty years of research by Elliott Maynard at the Arcos Cielos Research Center in Sedona, Arizona.


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Life Management 3000 



by Elliott Maynard, Ph.D.
is a practical, humorous guide to Success and Survival in

our topsy-turvy world of Information Overload, Social Stress

and Attention Deficit. The pages of this book are packed with

tasty Information Tidbits, Practical Wisdom, and Insightful

Advice which everyone can apply to their personal and

professional lives. Dr. Elliott Maynard has created a tapestry

of road-tested truths, timeless quotations and unique methodologies for Real-World Learning, Survival and Success. Many of the ideas and techniques found in Life Management 3000 are common-sense Fundamentals (the kind we never learned in school), presented through colorful new perspectives in a style which is delightfully appropriate for modern Digital Society. The basic elements of the book are skillfully crafted to overlap, interrelate and re-surface in entirely unique ways. The Principles work together to create a “Living Fabric,” which reveals an array of Effective Strategies for successful Third Millennium living and thinking. Be Baby Boomer, Gen-Xer, Digital Yupster or Elderfartzen this little book sheds new light on Universal Truths, and provides a delightful combination of Enlightenment, Humor and Nourishment for the Soul. By applying the principles in this book, anyone can transform their Home or Workplace into a dynamic “Life Management Laboratory.” You are invited to select a palette of  principles and techniques that apply to your Life and Career. Apply these Concepts in your own unique way, then use the feedback from careful observations of your results to create your own Life Adventure…a new “Pathway into the Future” instilled with Happiness and the Joy of Accomplishment.  

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