Readings & Cosmic Consultations








Readings Include a Birth Chart / Life Path Report or Transit
Birth Time, Date & Place are needed to prepare your Birth Chart 
The Birth Chart is a tool you can use for the rest of your life 

It is a useful point of contact for Jesai to begin the Reading
It  unlocks messages for you and brings understanding about your self
This also opens the door for Jesai as your guides come through 
to show how they will communicate their messages and
directions they may give during your reading
The Wish of the Angels and your Spirit Guides is to be acknowledged  
Guiding you to new pathways,  possibilities for a life of greater fulfillment    A Reading should never tell anyone what to do.  Although many things may unfold as related during a reading but the intention is not to predict the future.  The intention is to empower individuals to make descions and be in charge of creating their own destiny and perfect future. 

A reading opens a doorway, becomes a lesson to achieve new possibilities 
Gain insights from the Angels and your Spirit Guides 
Book an Appointment for a Cosmic Consultation
Readings may be done in Person at the Office in Nanaimo
or In the Comfort and Safety of Your Home by Phone
Skype is used for International Calls 

Cosmic Consultations

Guidance from your Angels & Guides 

Spiritual Intuitive
Love & Relationships, Medium, Spiritual Life Coaching,

Business Consulting, Re Define Destiny

Twenty Minutes  $40
Half Hour  $60
One Hour   $80
One and a Half Hours  $120
Two Hours $140 

Gift Certificates 
for all occasions available upon request













Also Available

Astrology, Life Path Reports, Birth Charts, Transit Reports,

Numerology Reports, Vedic Reports, Progressed Moon Cycle Reports,

Asteroid & Star Reports, Relocation & Compatibility Reports   

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