Its In Your Cards - Eight of Wands

October 18, 2015

Its In Your Cards
Written by Jesai
Your Meditation for the Day  
The 8 of Wands
Swiftness - Movement - Worthiness

Associations to the 8 of Wands
I Ching Hexagram 35 Jihn - Progress - Prosperity - Victory
Fire above Earth - Sun illuminating the Earth - things Flourish

Love - Traditionally The Eight of Wands can represent a new love affair or a rapid renewal of love between significant others, friends and family where there has been distance or difficulties. A new love a dog or cat child may come into your life and bring fulfillment or new sense of purpose into your life.

Work - This card brings with it progress towards your goals, finding a new purpose or direction. The blocks are removed on what you have been working on and everything can move ahead very quickly at this time with the correct focus. An unexpected opportunity may come your way.

Money - If you have been saving for something finances should come together now so you can achieve your goals. The 8 of Wands brings with it the focus to find ways around challenges. Finances come in unusual ways through assistance or gifts because someone believes in you.  

Health - Rootedness and correct action adhering to basic values can allow you to find success in what you seek. When you find the tools you need your motivation will move things ahead and bring improvement very quickly.  Get as much information to find the best direction.

Peace be with you always

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