Strength - Its in your Cards

Its In Your Cards 

Written by Jesai 

Your Meditation for the Day 


The Strength VIII 

Inner Strength - Love - Gentleness - Firmness without Aggression


Associations to The Strength Card

Rune - Sigel / Sowelu 24 - Wholeness - Life Force

Power - Justice - Recharging - Rejuvenating

Kabbalah Hebrew Letter - Tet / Teht 9 

A Snake (coiled upon itself) The Goddess - Essential  

Fundamental Goodness - Gestation - Womb 


Love - This is a time when you have the ability to give extra love to those you care for. Family, Friends, Partners. If you are in a committed relationship of any kind, the Strength card suggests you are feeling a committed love to that person or pet.


Work - This card suggests to seize the moment as it may pass you by. You may have a lot more possibilities available than you thought there were. If you have looking for a new opportunity, position or thinking about going back to school, taking extra training, This is the time to do it.


Money - If you have been doing with very little or being cautious because you are saving for a big ticket item, investment, house, car or just to treat yourself ... the time is at hand to go for it or to see an improvement in finances. Think ahead. Its not a time to over extend yourself or go for more than you should, but it is your time. Be Confident. 


Health - Feeling blocked, overwhelmed, or struggling with addictions to anything, Strength shows us a moment in time when you have the strength and conviction to overcome your challenges and achieve or move things in a positive direction. Seize the moment. 


Peace is with you always


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