The Hanged Person - Its In Your Cards

Its In Your Cards 

Written by Jesai 


Your Meditation for the day 

The Hanged Person 

This card represents a decision about direction in ones life must be made or is needed. There will only be one of two possible directions to chose from or there is something, a way of thinking, that must be let go of. Once decided upon or released, will allow something even greater to be known or realized. 


Love - In relationships, friendships, family situations, it may be time to let go of how of you think thinks should be or go, to live within the present moment. Recognize and allow people to be who they really are even if you donʼt agree with their behavior. It may be time to let go with love, move onto to the fullness of life you seek and deserve. Do everything with love no matter how hard it may be.


Work - The Hanged Man can suggest you may be going through a lot challenges with work situations presently. You may be in power struggles or not seeing eye to eye with someone. You can see the faults in others or management and may be day dreaming about how it should be or the job you always wanted. This may be a time do something about your dreams or accept people for who they are. Don't expect more from people than they can be trusted with. 


Money - Big decisions about money matters may be at the for front for you. It may be trying, to find a plan to pay down debts or making a big purchase, a house, a car, a trip... Its time to be realistic about what you want or need. Look at all the facts presently in your life. Prioritize, begin with what is possible, edit out what is for the future. 


Health - Being caught in decisions between possible directions can lead to worry and confusion or stress. Create a space an alter, place things on it that represent what must be decided upon or where you a headed. Using these objects focus or meditate on the directions or decisions you must make. Separate one idea from the other. Draw your attention to your breathing and then the feelings that arise in each situation. Trust yourself. 


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