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Its In Your Cards

Written by Jesai


Your meditation for the day

The 6 of Cups

Happiness - Balance - Peace


iAssociations to Six of Cups

I Ching Hexagram - 58 - Tui - Joyousness - Lake above Lake Finding enjoyment while remaining firm on principle - Happiness is not emotionalism


Love - Relationships, friends, family, loving and being lowed, a perfect moment that makes life worthwhile. This card also represents reunions, people getting together or back together again. This could mean planning family or class reunions, weddings, pot lucks or club meetings. Donʼt miss out.


Work - There may be an important meeting or someone coming back to work that was away for a while. If you are feeling over looked or taken for granted, you may have to take a creative approach to get noticed and find the recognition you deserve. The Six of Cups says its time to make things happen the way you want.


Money - You may have finally brought things together, feeling on top of the world or setting into a plan to get there. Money may come from unexpected sources and in unexpected ways if you have need for a project or purchase. This may be a time to get together with influential people.


Health - if you have just found that perfect balance or its still something to seek, whether it lasts just a moment or turns into a life time. Happiness is really a state of peace, or stillness inside. It is not emotional, does not involve stress, when practiced complete transformation will follow.


Peace is with you


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