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.Its In Your Cards

Written by Jesai


Your meditation for the day

The High Priestess

Moon - Water - Sacred Goddess


Associations to High Priestess

Kabbalah Hebrew Letter Gimel - Camel - Looking back, ancient knowledge - patience - stillness. Enlightenment - pulling a camel through the eye of a needle.

Rune - Ur - Before all - The Great Mother - Avalon, an island accessible to none but the Sacred Goddess.


Love - This can be a time when friends and relationships seem to come into natural synchronicity. Your intuitions are strong. Spend some time together, a magical little get away for the day or tackling a project together. This is time also for yourself to find some quite time and feel, get in touch with what is going on inside and outside of you.


Work - Find a peaceful state of mind and then practice feeling and being in that place. Don’t get involved in problems that are not yours at work at this time. Watch for opportunity. A new position or job could be yours or may be coming your way. Aim yourself truly and feel how you want things to be.


Money - Focus on how things feel and trust your intuition when deciding about purchases and investments. Get all the information that is needed. Then focus on how you feel. Only then decide on which way to go or what is most important. This is the message when the High Priestess comes to us. Do you know what is the difference between thinking and feeling?


Health - Taking time out for yourself, finding peace and solace come with the guidance of the High Priestess. If you have been stressed, pushing yourself, exercising to hard, or just worrying about things or your health, you are depleting yourself of your own healing powers. Its time to take some time out. Listen to your body and practice feeling well


Peace is with you always


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