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Its In Your Cards

Written by Jesai


Your card for the day

The Ace of Stones

This card usually signals a change for the better. You may take the initiative to begin

something new. Wonderful things can come from unexpected sources.


Love - In relationships, love, friends, family, things may be feeling better, go to a new level or

find greater understanding to situations. This is a really positive time to be more social and meet

new people. Practice being happy for a change not wishing for it to happen one day.


Work - Now is a time to find new meaning for what you do. Opportunity can be there to take on

more responsibility, a new position or start a new business. This is a great card of

encouragement to focus not on what you want but how you to feel about what you are doing.


Money - Your focus will be on feeling more liberated with finances. Extra money or just enough

will come to make ends meet or pay off debts. Its a good time to be creative about taking care of

things, putting in place, a plan that will make things feel better you or bring things together.


Health - As you focus your attention on wanting to feel better, opportunities and information

about practices to help you to accomplish that will present themselves. Look more closely at

foods, vitamins, medications you are taking and what they doing or not doing for you. If you

have been wanting to start or step up an exercise routine, do a little more research, know how

all these things go together to become self empowered.


Peace is with you


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Ace of Stones - Its In Your Cards

March 29, 2016

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