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Its In Your Cards

Written by Jesai

Your meditation for the day

The Magician

#1 - Power - Transforming - Feeling in Control - To direct ones life in a positive way - Alchemy - Creating


Associations to The Magician

Rune - Ansuz 3 - Signals - The Messenger Self Transformation - Sacred knowledge arrives in a timely manner

Kabbalah Hebrew Letter - Beit / Bayt 2 - House of - Human Creation - Focus on Elemental Practices Accept the yoke of the spiritual practice


Love - All relationships go through transformations over and over again. Each time you grow a little, but no body really changes. You gain the opportunity to see those you are close, whether it be yourself, family members, friends or lovers, a little more clearly, for who they really are. These are the moments that bring you back into the present moment where you are strongest.


Work - This is a time when you can manifest something out of nothing. Building a business, finding a new job, or improving the one you already have, or going back to school, the Magician gives you strength and focus to manifest your greatest desires. Be clear about what you want.


Money - Finances can seem to come magically even if it seems impossible. Investments, a new job, over time, sale of property or vehicle, a friend or family member, money that is anticipated will come to you but you need to stay focused on your goals. Donʼt waver now, watch for signs.


Health - If you have not been able to achieve your goals up until now, whether it is losing or gaining a little weight, building muscle, or trying to improve your well being, you have the strength now. If a new approach is needed to find the transformations you seek. Commit to it.


Peace be with you always.


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