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The Universe - The World 21




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Kabbalah Hebrew Letter Tav - Signature - Mark - To Seal Opening the mind to hidden truths - Travel - Vehicles - Transportation




Love - You may be planning a trip with your partner or family and friends to get away from it all. This should be a great time to refresh and strengthen bonds. You donʼt have to travel far to make some wonderful new friends or find that special person you have been waiting for.




Work - The number 21 suggests success. If there have been challenges in business then this card indicates things turning around and improving. Its important to recognize your part in things . If you are close to the end of a project keep working and rewards will be yours soon. There may be some travel associated with work coming up.




Money - This card can represent feeling overwhelmed at times and blocked from what you really deserve. Persistence will pay off, but remember to put some aside for your future and the unexpected. Planning trips, buying vehicles, a cottage or vacation spot, you will find the finances that are needed.




Health - If you have had stress or problems in your life, a retreat - yoga, meditation, marathon, cleansing, healing, etc., or seeking information from afar may be extremely beneficial at this time. Its time to get back in touch with your feeling body, your intuition. Relax and find Peace.




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