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Its In Your Cards


Written by Jesai




Your meditation for the day


The Empress 3


Creativity, fertility, goddess energy, listen to your intuition emotions and passions, the coming of abundance




Associations the Empress


Kabbalah: Hebrew Letter - Daleth - Door


Rune: Thurisaz - Gateway




Love - People may be more attracted to you than usual or show their trust by seeking you out for advice. Committed relationships may become more passionate and sweeter. Being creative you may be able to fix any difficulties with those you care about. If you are single opportunity for friendship and love are more prominent.




Work - Your intuition and advice may be sought out at work today. It may be for an approach or solution to a project or for guidance in a dispute or conflict.




Money - The Empress may present a time to invest or be more creative with finances. This may be a time you see money begin to flow. Use intuition but also pay attention the facts.




Health - If you have been trying to become pregnant the Empress says this is a time it could happen. If you have health concerns look at new ideas or seek new information. A different kind of approach may help you trust your intuition to find success or improvement with what you are seeking. Start with a natural approach to find a simple solution. Become self empowered.




Peace is with you always




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