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The Two of Cups


Love - Commitment




Associations to the Two of Cups


I Ching Hexagram 1 Chyan - The Creative - Positiveness The Great Oneness - Initiative, Progressiveness, Supportiveness, Persistence. Sincerity, the highest power or virtue one can attain. With this one can enter the door of universal truth.




Love - True or mutual love between two people. If you wonder if someone cares about you the way you care about them, the Two of Cups confirms mutual feelings, so go for it. Renewing and reunion means nothing if there is not love. If you are doing things with family or friends a good time will be had by all.




Work - If you are working hard for personal attainment, you may need to also give back to the world around you in some way to really achieve what you want. You need to love or find enjoyment for in what you are doing to feel fulfilled and find the rewards. That is true success.




Money - When you are doing everything you can with the right feeling and energy inside for all the right reasons, then success will come to you even when you think the odds are all against you. Keep searching even when it seems all is lost. It is meant to be yours, success will come.




Health - When you practice feeling love within you miracles can happen. This is ancient medicine. It is believed that all difficulty and illness is caused by an exterior force or entity. When you practice feeling love it blocks entry points. Love and trust will guide you to what you need.




Peace is with you




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