Justice - Its in your Cards



Its In Your Cards


Written by Jesai




Your meditation for the day


The Justice Card



Xl - Karma - Cause & Effect Balance - Legal Matters




Associations to Justice


Rune 7 Nauthiz - Limitations - Necessity Things happen beyond control, working out in the only way they can.


Kabbalah - Hebrew Letter - Lamed 30 - The Heart that understands Knowledge - Teaching - Learning - Moving towards ones desires




Love - All relationships, friends, family, come to crossroads or gateways where we are pushed to grow and learn about each others needs. These points cause relationships to grow, become lessons that allow us to see things that had been over looked, to restore balance to ones personal life as an individual and the relationship that is causing us to look inward.




Work - Finding balance between work and personal life is important. Some times people can seem to get away with things or get credit for things they didnʼt do and donʼt deserve. Karma is generated from what we carry or feel inside of ourselves not necessarily what we have done. Sometimes it takes time to see how it manifest externally. Be consistent, do everything from a place of love even it means tough love. Work with joy and enjoy what you do and a your true path will form, unfold before you.




Money - The finances you earn are really an exchange of your life force for money. How money is obtained and what people do to get it may work for or against them. You exchange this force for the things you need. Unfortunately there is an imbalance in value of life force in this world. Learn to use it wisely and very good things will come to allow the balance you seek.




Health - If you let things get to you, feeling out of balance, stress and illness will set in. It is difficult but necessary to keep everything in proportion. Work, exercise, nutrition, relaxation, must all be practiced equally some how to keep or allow good health to grow. Imagine yourself as an olympic trainer. Decide how are you going to find and keep balance in your life as you set your goals.




Peace is with you


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