The Sun - Its In Your Cards

Its In Your Cards

Written by Jesai


Your meditation for the day

The Sun

XIX - Joy - Simplicity - That comes after


Associations to the Sun

Rune - Partnership 2 - A Gift - Union or Partnership is at hand Kabbalah Hebrew Letter - Resh 20 - The Head - Beginning - Year Head of the Year - To do wrong - To learn from review and correct what was done during the past year


Love - Relationships, friends, family, if you have come through some challenging times or things have been just ok, the Sun brings a time of happiness and clarity. Making plans and doing things together becomes highlighted. Expect more passion in your relationships.


Work - New beginnings and better times ahead. If you have been hoping for a change at work the Sun brings new opportunity with it. If you have been putting out extra effort; now is the time to be recognized for your hard work. If there have been problems they should get sorted now.


Money - If you have been waiting for decisions about financing or for funds to come in, this card lets you know good news should come to you soon. The Sun also represents that money matters in general should start to improve and cash flow increase in your life now.


Health - This is a time of increased energy and the ability to do more than you thought you were capable of until now. With an increase in activity and excitement comes a more optimistic view and of the future. This is a time of simplicity, making clear decisions and easily taking action.


Peace is with you

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