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The Hierophant V




The Hierophant represents Strong ties to Tradition and Culture, Conformity, Religion and Spirituality, Playing by the rules, finding a mentor, following routine and going by the law.




Associations to the Hierophant


Kabbalah: the letter Vav - Nail


Rune: Raidh 20 - Wheel - Harmony




Love - Things should go well in relationships as long as you donʼt try to change things or go against the status quo. Stick to your routine. Trying to do something nice to get someone to step out of their comfort zone may not go well for you. A strong individual may enter your life who will teach you new things about love or relationship, change and challenge your perspective on traditions.




Work - The Hierophant insists on adhering to convention and do what you are suppose to do, In doing so work should go very well. A mentor or someone who can help you with the right way or job descriptions and or what to be careful of, may help to define or redefine exactly what needs to be done now.




Money - Play by the rules, follow all the steps you need to find the financial success you seek presently. Get good advice from an advisor or from your boss. Do not take risks or try to break the rules to get what you want. This is not a time to overspend or invest in risky ventures and stocks to get rich quick.




Health - If you have been having struggles with health or concerns bout your body image, seek a mentor, a licensed trainer, practitioner or doctor, for advice and guidance to find the answers and help you are seeking. Conforming to what you know is the right way, stick a diet or exercise routine now is also an important message from the Hierophant to gain changes you want to see.




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