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The Ace of Wands


The first day of Spring, the fire and start up of new beginnings, creativity. A time of action and fertility




Work - The suit of Wands represents Work in general. The Ace of Wands can mean growth, advancement, promotions or new projects. Hard work will prove good rewards. Looking for a change - something good is on the way even if its an uncomfortable transition to begin with. Have faith and move forward.




Love - A time when desires arise, desires directing your actions. A new relationship may arise. Relationships in general come with new beginnings or understanding of one another in some way. Be creative and try something new.




Money - A turn for the better financially. Money or gifts may come in unexpected ways, big or small. An opportunity for over time, a raise, a loan paid back, or a loan comes through for you..... What ever efforts you put out at this time should work in your favor and bring your desires to fruition. Be patient and consistent.




Health - A good time to start a new regime or routine, improvement is available. When we look at the Wand in most Tarot decks we see branches or wooden rods. In Chinese medicine wood represents spring, the liver and the beginning of a cycle. The Liver holds, filters and distributes blood in the body. One might benefit from a Spring Liver Cleanse, or a new exercise routine to move blood.




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