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Meditation for the day


Six of Swords


Science - Objectivity - Adventure




Association to 6 of Swords


I Ching - Hexagram 61 Chung Fu - Faithfulness Wind over Lake - this is natural and predictable. Crossing the great water, this is time for a great adventure.




Love - In friendships, family and love relationships this is not the time to insist on being right. Be objective and look at your own point of view. This may be a good time to do something or go somewhere special, be adventurous, spontaneous.




Work - This card represents new beginnings and changes in business. There can be a need for clarity. Someone who thinks what they are doing is the right thing, may appear to be dominating a situation. Approach with caution. The 6 of Swords says changes that are coming to current project or a opportunity which will lead to good things.




Money - There should be an improvement in finances by taking a new approach. Take chances to improve things, be creative, but donʼt gamble it away. Be clear about what you are doing and know the facts about the changes before you move ahead on things.




Health - This may be a good time to seek out more information from new sources which empower you and help put trust your intuition. Weather it be exercise, diet or health concerns follow the excitement. A change of scenery can be benefiicial. This could be a good time to take a much needed vacation. Getting away, even for the day will change your perspective and reduce your stress or change your perspective.




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