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Your message for the day - 10 of Wands

Oppression - Transformation from Darkness to Light, from Cruelty to Liberation


Associations to the Ten of Wands

I Ching Hexagram 54 Kuei Mei - Marriage Thunder above Lake - an improper match makes an unhappy marriage

Love - There may be challenges to overcome with friends and relationships. Things that have kept inside are likely to come out. Depending on how things unfold, this is a time to make things better for yourself. Focus on how you would like things to feel and practice that feeling.

Work - You may be feeling over burdened or over worked and in need of a break. There may have been success and advancement and now there is fear of failure. Be patient.

Money - If you have been stressing about finances now is the time to lay out a plan which will lead to better days and opportunities. Things can and will turn around.

Health - If you have been feeling stressed or out of shape, this card encourages you to make a plan to take better care of yourself. Rest, eat whole foods, exercise, to calm your nerves. Watch for positive transformations.

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