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The Empress

3 - Creativity, fertility, goddess energy, listen to your intuition emotions and passions, the coming of abundance, are all descriptions and signifiicant to the Empress.  

Associations the Empress Kabbalah: Hebrew Letter -  Daleth - Door
Rune: Thurisaz - Gateway

Love - People will be more attracted to you today than usual and may seek you out for advice. Committed relationships may become more passionate and sweeter, fixing a difficulty. If you are single, opportunities for friendship and love become more prominent.

Work - Your intuition and advice may be sought out at work today. It may be for an approach or solution to a project or for guidance in a dispute or conflict.

Money - The Empress can tell us that this is a time to invest or be more creative with finances. This can be a time you may see money begin to flow. Use intuition but also look at the facts.

Health - If you have been trying to become pregnant the Empress says this is a time it could happen. If you have health concerns look at new ideas or seek new information, a different kind of approach. Start with a natural approach to see if there is a simple solution. Become self empowered.

Peace is within you always
A reading is a doorway to new possibilities.

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