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Its In Your Cards

Written by Jesai


Your meditation for the day

The 7 of Wands

Courage - Daring - To use ones power for personal transformation


Associations 7 of Wands

I Ching Hexagram 40 Hsieh

Dissolution of the Problem - after obstruction comes resolution Move forward in the correct way - Early movement brings good



Love - If you have needs and unfulfilled desires, approach things in the right way now and take your relationship or friendships to a new level or where you may need to go. Have the courage to do it or try something new. Actions speak louder than words sometimes. Words can be misunderstood or go in the wrong direction, think first and then act.


Work - This is a time to take matters into your own hands. You may have to make some big decisions about the direction of your career. Do your research, then take steps leading towards your goals. If you have had a dream job in mind now may be the time to make wishes reality.


Money - If you have a goal in mind, a vacation, buying a new house or car, renting a new apartment, or getting a new outfit or shoes, what ever your desire is its time to make it happen now. Money can come to us in unexpected ways, from unusual sources. It may be an amazing sale or a gift that allows you to obtain what you couldnʼt before. Donʼt let doubts get your way.


Health - If you have been wanting to make personal changes in your life to improve your health or to step things up to a new level, get the information you need to do things properly, know you can succeed. If you have been worrying, you may be the one creating your own problems. What you feel becomes what you practice/manifest, not what you think. Put your will to good use.


Peace be with you always.

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