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Four of Cups 

Things may look more difficult than they seem which may lead to frustrations or wishful thinking.  A need for balance is necessary. Take a look at what has transpired, step back and then decide on a direction.


Associations to 4 of Cups

The I Ching Hexagram 3 - Chun is associated with the four of cups. To be Stationary and Firm.

Water above Thunder - the ability to break through obstructions is possible, but premature movement is blocked. Be still, gain strength and wait for the right moment to take action.


Love - This card calls us to watch for new experiences. Things may seem ordinary, sedentary, compared to when the relationship or things were new. There may still be time to renew the flames, but timing is important, a cause must not be avoided.


Work - The job may be feeling unfulfilling, a wast of time, but this card represents opportunities that may not be seen or must not be ignored. Watch for the right moment to assert your self and improvement is assured.


Money - The grass seems greener somewhere else. It is easy to imagine and focus on what is lacking or what you dont seem to have. Focusing on what one doesnʼt have and self limiting routines that have been created can prevent you from seeking out new ways to find fulfillment and opportunity.


Health - It is easy to feel down and that everything is wrong, to sit and become stagnant which can lead to aches and pains, irritability, grumbling. Its time to make a plan of action, for movement, a change of routine to make yourself feel better and fulfilled.  Remember things may not be as bad as they seem. Practice patience with yourself and others, look for the facts. Do something creative and enjoyable and express your imagination today.    

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