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The Tower 16

Sudden Changes - Transformations - Accomplishing great tasks - Things gather momentum - Upheaval - Eruption

Associations to the Tower

Rune Algiz - 10 - Protection - An Elk - Rushes Control of the emotions, self change becomes accelerated Kabbalah Hebrew Letter - Peh 80 - Mouth - Speech - Communication

Love - Relationships, family, friends, great change is at hand. With change comes stress and communications could be very difficult and lead you into conflicts. You must feel what is true at this time. Do not take the words you hear to heart or personally, misunderstanding is certain. The lesson that comes with this card is one of patience and practicing non reaction. Great things can be accomplished and gained in this way.


Work - Expect lots of sudden changes on the job, reorganizing, expansion, down sizing or even receiving a new source of employment. The Tower can also represent people having difficulty understanding or communicating with one another. Gossip, taking things personally are strong. Being aware of these things may bring good results and liberation.

Money - Things can change suddenly even if you think you have done your due diligence and things are flowing. Be prudent and be certain of what is real to you, dont just look at how you think things are going to be. It is difficult to communicate clearly or get all the information needed to make decisions. Get as much information as you can, then you must really rely on your inner voice and feeling to find your success.

Health - Its easy to become stressed by the changes and challenges. When this card appears, information that is needed can be difficult to understand or comprehend what is being said. As such it is easy to go in the wrong direction and over do or under-do what is needed. Really feel what is the right path for you. Listen to others and use that to become self empowered and all should go well.

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