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The Daughter/Princess of Swords 


Powerful - Confident - Devoted Focused on goals beyond the self.

What ever challenges there are, this card still reflects happiness.

Associations to Daughter of Swords Isis -  Star Sirius - Nile River
Love - In friendships and relationships you are very devoted and loving. This card can represent  that you may be overly assertive and confident or need to be more assertive and confident. Either way gently question, are you seeing things as they really are, or as you think they are?  

Work - You will be recognized as an asset for your devotion and confidence and assertiveness on the job. If you have been wanting a new position or a change of what you do, now is the time to find the strength to set new goals, be clear and go after what you want.   

Money - You are a hard worker, but this is a time when you may need to get out of your own way to improve finances. Its time to be creative and focused. There may be some delays receiving funding or money so stay on top things to assure things go smoothly.

Health - Face the things that get in your way of finding peace. Their may be a lot of inner conflict. Find reason outside of yourself for setting goals. The strength to Believe in yourself, your confidence and mental clarity will grow with your commitment.

Peace is within you always.

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