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The Ace of Cups

Love - Joy - New Beginning This is a power card of positive omens and good news

Love - This is the Love card of the Tarot. Mutual love, marriage, pregnancy, good things connected to new beginnings. In relationships renewal of love, vows and commitments become strong possibilities. New relationships or friendships may be formed. 


Work - The ace of cups is the bearer of good news. For those who are looking for a change of work or a new job, if your heart is in it, the efforts you put out will be well rewarded. Expect there to be some change of direction at work or a raise coming.


Money - Extra money could be coming your way. If you have been looking for financial assistance or waiting for an investment this card encourages to expect a positive outcome or you will receive some good news.


Health - This card representing love, means feeling better, an increase in energy. If you have been down or not well, it is time to practice a shift in this energy. Goals you have set with exercise, changes you have made to your diet, you will see and feel rewards.


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