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The Nine of Stones/Pentacles

The Nine of Stones is one of the most inspiring cards of the suit of Wands. Things should be going better than you thought.  


Associations to the Nine of Stones

I Ching – 14 Ta You - The Great Provider Great Harvest – Great Good Fortune 

Fire is above Heaven – energy comes together to accomplish a goal


Love – The Nine of Stones indicates love and relationships will raise to new levels and bring new experiences.


Work – If you have been working hard then expect rewards and new opportunities are on the way. Even if there are challenges then you need to have faith that all will work itself out now.  Your past efforts will all come to fruition or lead you to possibilities.


Money – The Nine of Stones is a very good omen for finances. Be sure you have done your homework before making investments or purchases, it is not a time to take unwise risks or to gamble.  If you are sure of your intentions things should go very well.  


Health – All the efforts you have put into self change, awareness or healing shall be paying off. The results will be felt first and continue to manifest physically. The Seven of Stones encourages you to continue what you have begun but be sure you have done your research. Don’t take someone elses point of view as the way. 

Peace is with you


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