Four of Wands - It's in your Cards

January 15, 2017

Its In Your Cards

Photographs and Writings by Jesai

Your card for the day -


Four of Wands

Perfection Peace - Tranquility - Renewal

Associations to 4 of Wands

I Ching Hexagram - 63 Chi Chi After Crossing the Great Water Upon completion attention is needed to retain your place and not fall. Water is above Fire - everything is as it should be but attention is still needed.
Love - You may finally have reached a place where or how you want things to be with the people you love. Now you need to find ways to maintain what has been achieved. This may be a time to make a commitment to one another or to plan social events like weddings, birthday parties,......This could be the time and place to meet someone special if you have been looking.

Work - This is a time when opportunities may become available to you. Don!t miss or turn down what is offered now. Timely action is important now. Be mindful. Once you have attained a good position you may need to work harder to maintain, keep or improve upon that position.

Money - If you have found some success pay attention to stay on top things. Money comes from your hard work, it is really just an exchange of your life force. Pay attention to how it is exchanged. The energy you put out should make things improve, become better.

Health - A renewed sense of energy arises so you pursue the goals you have in mind. This is a time when new possibilities may open up opportunities for new life direction.
Don!t put off what you have been wanting to do. There is greater chance for success or improvement in how you feel now.

Peace is within you
A reading is a doorway to new possibilities.

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