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February 24, 2017


Its In Your Cards

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Nine of Cups

The 9 of Cups represents Fortune & Wealth - Breakthrough. Things should be good or turning around for you now. If there has been problems or challenges there will be an emotional breakthrough.

Association to Nine of Cups

I Ching - Hexagram 42 Yi - Wind above Thunder Benefit - Increase - An empty bowl ready to be filled

it is time to go ahead to begin an adventurous task.

Love - This is a social time and you could meet someone special or make a new friend. Relationships can go to new levels, potential for deepening commitments, good stuff is at hand. Whether it be with your family, friends or lover, make time for meaningful moments.

Work - The 9 of Cups can mean unexpected good fortune for you, new work opportunities, raises, promotions, etc. If there has been fear, difficulties or set backs, its time to change how feel about things. If your intentions are in the right place great things are about to unfold.

Money - Good Fortune could be upon you. If its not just wishful thinking, what you hope for may come to pass.  This is not about the lottery or going to the casino, but rewards that come from your own hard work. Aim yourself truly, have a strong sense of priority and guide your intentions into the right place.

Health -  If you have been waiting for results, planning to start a new exercise or nutritional program, good news and rewards are likely to be yours. This card encourages you  to have faith and move ahead on your personal ideas and projects now.

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