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February 25, 2017

Its In Your Cards

Photographs and Writings by Jesai

Your card for the day 

Three of Swords

The true meaning of this card is to be in the present moment. To observe what is passing away and to watch for the new that is unfolding. If we are passing through a challenging situation, on the other side is a new beginning or understanding. What we must pass through is necessary.  Act with patience and love.

Association to 3 of Swords

I Ching - Hexagram 33 - Tun  Take small steps, don't take on more than is possible.

Small things will be profitable.  Things will decrease before they increase again.

Love - In relationships this card brings us to recognize that things may not be the way you hope for. You may expect more from someone than they are capable of at this time. Your feelings may be hurt. Be careful how you approach things. You may want someone or something that is not available presently, be realistic, act and do everything out of love. You may need some time to yourself to sort things out.

Work - Things may not be going the way you wish them to be at work. Your ego may be a bit bruised. There may be  new opportunity underneath the challenges or problems you see. Take a closer look at the situation for new understanding or another approach. Everything has a cycle, when there is decrease there will be increase close by. Be patient.  

Money - You may be stressing about where the money you need for the things is going to come from. It is not an easy time to pass through, finding what you need can from unexpected sources. This card says don!t give up, keep looking for what you need. You may need to reevaluate what you think your needs are, maybe there is another approach you haven!t seen.  

Health - You may be overwhelmed with emotions over situations that seem beyond your control. You may be going through challenges or health difficulties that seem insurmountable. Its time to find patience and treat yourself with unconditional love. Being in the present moment can allow us to see paths or opportunities to new possibilities that were not there before.    

Peace be within you always
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