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March 2, 2017



Its In Your Cards

Photographs and Writings by Jesai



The Card of the Day

The Nine of Stones/Pentacles

The Nine of Stones is one of the most inspiring cards of the suit of Wands.

Things should begin going better than you thought.  


Associations to the Nine of Stones

I Ching –14 Ta You - The Great Provider Harvest  Great Good Fortune  –  Fire is above Heaven 

Energy comes together to accomplish a goal


Love – The Nine of Stones indicates love and relationships with love, family and friends will raise to new levels. Opportunities to find more meaningful experiences deepening intimacy, allows you to discover new parts of yourself and others, living in moments of new found joy. 


Work –If you have wanted changes or are looking for new opportunities this card brings with it, good fortune and new experiences. Even if you love your job and are very good at it possibilities of being scouted out or promoted are all within the meaning of the Nine of Stones.


Money – If you have been trying to sort out finances or to achieve financial goals then know you are finally moving in a good direction and can achieve your objective. The Nine of Stones can represent great improvements or windfalls with money.    


Health – The Nine of Stones represents good health or improvement in physical and spiritual wellbeing. Good health is all about feeling. When you practice feeling good great things will follow. Being happy at home and with your life equals good feelings.


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