Eight of Stones - It's in your cards

March 7, 2017

Its In Your Cards

Photographs and Writings by Jesai


Your card for the day 

The Eight of Stones / Pentacles

Knowledge - Experience - Seeing the Lessons in any situation that move one ahead to the next advantage

Associations to 8 of Stones

I Ching Hexagram 33 - Tun - Retreat - Heaven above Mountain Small things will bring great success.

Love - Relationships, family, friends, may need your attention. You may be working so hard or focused on other things that are demanding your attention. Donʼt forget to make some time for the ones you love. Take time to ask and find out what their needs are.

Work - You may be feeling a lot of demands are being put on you and all your skills being put to good use when this card comes up. You may be required to take training or courses on the job or to land the job you want. Hard work will result in success for you.

Money - With all the hard work you have been doing finances may be more stable presently. Keep a long term plan for your self. Investing, donʼt take any risks. Seek out all the information you can find to assure the best results or success. Success comes by your own hard work. 


Health - Seeking knowledge or more information could prove very beneficial now, then putting it to good use. Working to hard, feeling the demands that have been placed upon you, find a new approach to reduce your stress. Get more rest, exercise, eat better and you find rewards.   

Peace be with you always
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