Ten of Wands - It's in your cards

May 26, 2017

Its In Your Cards

Photographs and Writings by Jesai


Your card for the day 

Ten of Wands 

Transformation from Darkness to Light, from Cruelty to Liberation

Associations to Ten of Wands

I Ching Hexagram 54 Kuei Mei - Marriage Thunder above Lake - an improper match makes an unhappy marriage

Love - There may be challenges to overcome with friends and relationships. Things that have kept inside are likely to come out. Depending on how things unfold, this is a time to make things better for yourself. Focus on how you would like things to feel and practice that feeling.

Work - You may be feeling over burdened or over worked and in need of a break. There may have been success and advancement and now there is fear of failure. Be patient.

Money - If you have been stressing about finances now is the time to lay out a plan which will lead to better days and opportunities. Things can and will turn around.

Health - If you have been feeling stressed or out of shape, this card encourages you to make a plan to take better care of yourself. Rest, eat whole foods, exercise, to calm your nerves. Watch for positive transformations.

Peace is with you
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