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October 9, 2017

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Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your card for the day 

The Seven of Cups

Illusions of Success - Do you know yourself? Jack of all trades master of none. Thinking one has achieved great success but overlooked very important things, too much happening at once.

Associations to Seven of Cups

I Ching Hexagram 4 Meng - The Undeveloped One -


Water at the foot of the mountain. Enlighten the unenlightened only if they approach sincerely. The beginning of the process of development.

Love - You may have a hard time to stop fantasizing, wondering about whether you have or when you will find the perfect love or friend. This can make you vulnerable. If you can not be clear within your self how can you be yourself with someone else? Don’t rush things, take your time and enjoy the present.


Work - There may be promises of things that have not yet materialized. Placing trust in how you hope things will become may cause you to be mislead and disappointed. Be patient, don’t take things to personally. Become more aware of what is real by looking for the lesson to take away.


Money - You must pay more attention to finances when this card appears. It could be easy to make poor investments by not getting all the information or believing in the word of someone.


Health - Its easy for your mind to run a muck with you under the influence of 7 of Cups. You may find you have been listening to someone elses ideas too much. You may have had too much stress, going in too many different directions in your head. It is taking its toll on you. Make time to relax, meditate, exercise, take better care of yourself.


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