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December 1, 2017

Spirit~Forces  TM

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Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your card for the day 

The Emperor

#4 - Square - Cube - Strength - Control

Associations to The Emperor

Rune - Ansuz - Stag - A Powerful Being - Mouth - Speech

Kabbalah Hebrew Letter Heh - Window - Diamond - Crystal
Astrology - Aries the Ram

Love - This card can represent a person who is very strong willed and needs to be in control. Relationships, family, friends, tend to fall into a pattern of logic, order and organized routines. You may feel you are putting out more than what is coming back, that things may not appear to be mutual. Now is the time to put your needs on the calendar. Be patient be spontaneous, as you try to move things in a new direction.

Work - In a work situation this cards logic, consistency, organizational skills, can win success to land a job or promotion you have been wanting. Patience may be needed to to deal with a controlling person who sees things only from their limited perspective.  May be time for change.

Money - A need for a plan, to be organized and having the strength to see it through will allow you the success being sought after. What you focus on will grow. If you want certain things or more money because you feel unfulfilled, your choices may lead you into risky ventures. Be proud of who you are and what you have and more of that will become manifested.

Health - This is a time to be strong, disciplined, organized or reorganize your life. Document your challenges and progress  to see what is working or not working for you. If you are going in the right direction you will have the strength to stay focused and succeed. Confusion will follow if your focus is not the right path.  

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