Ten of Cups - It's in your Cards

December 17, 2017

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Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your card for the day 

The Ten of Cups

Success - Happiness - Lasting Resolve

Associations to Ten of Cups

I Ching Hexagram - 46 Sheng - Rising - Earth above Wind or Wood.

There is great opportunity to go forward  - To meet a great person

Love - This card represents you may be worrying over relationships or friendships for nothing. You could discover there is much mutual respect and love, that all is well in many ways.  It is possible to meet or have contact with an important or influential person. Believe in yourself.

Work - 10 of Cups can denote you have become an asset at your work or may become so, from hard work. This card encourages you to do your best as it will bring you security and rewards and recognition from your superiors.

Money - Success should becoming realized these days or coming your way. If you have been stressing about finances this card informs things should begin improving now. Especially from hard work, rewards are on the way.  

Health - If you have started with some new protocols, you will find and also see lasting results come quickly, feeling a greater sense of well being. You may be radiating a positive energy that benefits everyone around you.

Peace is with you
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