Ten of Stones - It's in your Cards

December 24, 2017

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Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your card for the day 

The Ten of Stones

 A Good Omen - New beginnings and opportunities may present themselves.

Assuming things are bad when really potential lies at your feet 

Associations to Ten of Stones

I Ching Hexagram - 48 Jing - Well Water above Wind or Wood - Wind pushes Water to the surface,

Wood (tree) draws Water to the leaves of the tree.

Love - The Ten of Stones brings improvements in our friendships, family and relationships. Taking steps to make things better through understanding and love. Having a party for an anniversary, shower, wedding may be indicated. This is a good time to go and enjoy yourself.

Work - If you are up for a review you can expect a raise or a new position with more responsibility. There may be some changes at work that make your job more interesting. If you have been looking for work this is a sign of good luck for an opportunity to come your way.

Money - An improvement in finances is eminent. This card can represent money coming for things we need or want to do, like home renos or buying homes or personal make overs. You may find money coming from an unexpected source.

Health - You may discover a greater of sense of vitality now. If you have been trying to improve your health or get back into shape, you may be feeling the benefits or results of your commitment. This card could also represent if you have been putting something off now is the time to begin. With the right information or guidance you should see good results quickly.

Peace is with you
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