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January 8, 2018

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Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your card for the day

Eight of Cups

The 8 of Cups represents

Accessing - Fundamental Tools -  Re Building Foundations - Optimism

Going from high to low then preparation for replenishment -  Experience - Knowledge

Associations to the Eight of Cups

I Ching - Hexagram 41 Suen - Sacrifice - Decrease - Mountain Above Lake - Reduce what is excessive - Move ahead with a great task - Good Fortune - The lake water evaporates and then is replenished by the rain falling.

Love - Where there was love, there may be challenges presently. Even if you are on your own it can be just as difficult to be in relationship with your self at times.  Be mindful to make time for your self or to walk away from problems. Donʼt push things, tormenting yourself, your partner, family, friends. What ever difficulties there are, big or small, things will begin to get better for you when you take the right steps. Be honest with yourself. Believe in yourself and be good to you.

Work - This card can be interpreted in many different ways. You may be feeling like you have nothing left to give, either overworked or that you need to find a new job or opportunity. Be patient with things, decide on a plan of action, all will improve by redirecting your energies.  Even if you have the perfect job, maybe it is time to do things to improve or keep moving all in a positive direction?

Money - You may have become very stressed about money and finances. Even if you feel you have been doing very well, this card signifies changes in finances. Pay attention to opportunity that may improve your situation but do not over extend yourself. Donʼt become to proud to accept assistance or help from someone who can make things better now.

Health - Stress can be the biggest cause of illness. Overworked or worrying about money, love or health, all lead to depletion of vital life forces. It may be important to put effort into taking better care of yourself now. Make efforts to take time to eat better, exercise, focus on the way you feel, positive thinking, to make things improve. Things can be made better by removing the causes to your problems.  

Peace is with you always.

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