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March 1, 2018

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Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your Card for the Day

Five of Swords

Over coming fear of failure and defeat. Attempting to make everything perfect, fixations, nothing is ever good enough. A time to tend to ones self and needs, to keep to ones self. Be careful of what you say. Tremendous self doubts may lead to both inner and outer conflicts.


Associations to Five of Swords

I Ching Hexagram 47 – Kun – Entrapped – Exhausted – Physical -  Mental – Spiritual - Lake above Water

Trapped by emotions, desires, fears, etc., - A great person nourishes themselves to alter the future.


Love – Differences of points of view may become blown out of proportion. It may feel like the final straw has been drawn and that you just can’t make things the way you want them to be. This card can also represent possessiveness, fixations and feeling out of control. It’s a time for introspection, patience, Be careful with what you say. You may feel sure it’s the right thing to say or do. Maybe wait for tomorrow.


Work – Don’t get in your own way at work. It’s easy to feel criticized, so be mindful of how you see things, be cautious of what you say. The five of swords appearing says you or someone may be more sensitive at this time. As long as you are doing what you need to be doing all should be well.   


Money – It is easy to have confusion or frustration concerning finances when this card appears. Being cautious about spending what is not necessary might help to alleviate self doubt. It is a time to make sure you have all the facts before moving ahead on financial decisions. If you need time to think about things don’t hesitate to ask for an hour or a day depending on the situation at hand.   


Health –  Stress can arise from confusion, of too many things happening at once, or feeling stuck, thinking of different directions but unable to move forward. Anger, frustrations, fears, may arise leading to self criticism. Practice letting go of the emotions even if just for a moment, the repetition or practice of this will create awareness of a new path to lead you away from these troubles.    


Peace is with you always.

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