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March 17, 2018

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It’s In Your Cards

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Your Card for Today

The Nine of Swords

It is easy to react. This card can suggest you or someone close may feel like the world is crashing in. Anxiety, fear, anger can become misplaced and overpowering. One may lash out or push people and opportunity away by their actions. There may be good reason these feelings. Explore the reasons and then take actions to abate these feelings and act appropriately, as only then will the emotions pass.


Associations to the Nine of Swords

I Ching Hexagram #6 – Sung – Keep to the Facts – Heaven above Water – To restrain ones self

Do not overreact to a situation – Disputes or Disharmony may result from wrongful or forceful actions.


Love – Intuition is a powerful thing. Some times the closer you are to the ones you love, the more confused you might become. When you are out and about this feeling may fade. This means you are channeling someone elses feelings. The Nine of Swords encourages you to be clear where your feelings are coming from to be able to correct or resolve disharmony.


Work – If you are worrying or filled with anxiety, it may cause upsets at work or with clients if it is not kept in check. These emotions may also make it difficult to get that perfect job or promotion, as you may not present yourself or speak as clearly as you normally do. Remember to relax and breath. Everything always works out, somehow, someway.


Money –  Finances and rewards can come to you in unusual ways. You may not be handed dollars, but new opportunity, or gifts for the things you needed may come your way. If you are too worried or fearful, you may not recognize or accept the help when it is offered until it is too late. Be patient and know the universe always takes care of us. Happiness then is not a goal but a practice you can do today.


Health – Fear and worry can become self fulfilling.  The only way to change or interrupt the direction it may take you in, is to change your actions. Put yourself emotions on a schedule. You may not be able to stop your fears and worries from invading you, but that does not stop you from practicing contentment and peace for 5 minutes a day. Have a coffee, walk by the water or go the park. What ever it is that makes you fell contentment, put that on your schedule. Hold onto that feeling to remind yourself that it is still there within you and when you feel it fear, worry, anger do not exist for those few moments. 

Peace is with you always.

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