Wheel of Fortune - It's In Your Cards

March 30, 2018

It’s in your Cards

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Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your Card for the Day

Wheel of Fortune

Number Ten – Completion of one cycle and the beginning of the next cycle.

If you have fallen into a strong routine or way of doing things, new beginnings

and change can be very difficult to manage or initiate. When this card appears

you are put on notice that a new cycle is being initiated in your life.  Find and

remember the lesson that each experience brings. Things are turning in your favor.


Associations to Wheel of Fortune

Rune 13 – Jera – Full Cycle -Harvest – Perseverance – Patience

Kabblah – Hebrew Letter - Kal 20 -Palm of the hand – Act as if you are privileged


Love -  The start of a new cycle in relationships or new beginnings. If you have been feeling lonely be open to opportunities for more meaningful social activity.  If there have been struggles in your relationships it may be time to set some new goals with one another. This is a time to make plans to fulfill some of your dreams and set your sails for new directions.


Work – If you have been feeling that you work is taking up too much of life or dealing with difficulties or challenges it may be time to revisit your job description. Focus on what you are missing and how to inject a little bit more of those needs into your life. A new plan of action may lead to a promotion or new job opportunity.


Money – This may be a time to turn things around financially. Taking steps to lay a firm foundation for the future are at hand. Fear can hold you back from following the path that appears.  Be sure of all the facts or get second opinions, educating  yourself will give you the confidence to do what is necessary.


Health – If you have been pursuing or thinking about a new exercise regime or a change of lifestyle, be encouraged that this will bring the success that you hope for. Don’t push yourself to hard. Build a firm foundation of knowledge, confusion does not go with well being.


Peace is with you always

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