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April 1, 2018

Spirit ~ Forces  TM

It’s in your Cards

Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your Card of the day

The Moon

Intuition, fantasy, dreams, daydreaming, imagination. The moon is connected to the true feeling body, a place of non reaction or how you find contentment within.  In this place of non reaction you find the path of the artist, reaching into other worlds and bringing what is found into the physical world. The moon may represent emotions or concerns that challenge or out weigh reality.


Associations to the Moon

Rune – Othila – Retreat – to give up a part of your background and claim a new direction in life

Kabbalah – Hebrew Letter – Kaph – back of the head


Love – A time to be creative and act out some of your fantasies, to put the fire back into your relations. Emotions, imagination and assumptions can lead one to jump to the wrong conclusions, pay attention. Meeting someone new, there maybe more questions than can be answered at this time. Be careful of giving more credit than is deserved or can be handled. Patience is a virtue, but have some fun too.


Work – You need to find creative solutions to make things run more smoothly. It may be hard to find clarity and you or someone close to you may need things explained or repeated more than once. Check your work to be sure all is as it should be. It is very easy to be misunderstood or assume things that may in the end not be true. People or things may be more confused than usual. Be patient, take a new approach and all will be well.


Money – This is a time great things might be achieved now by being creative to find solutions to your needs. Making important decisions finances make sure you have all the facts before proceeding. Great worry and fear can be created by an over active imagination. Create a priority list to be clear about what is really possible right now and when other things shall follow.


Health – It is very easy for your mind to run wild and cause great stress by fearing the worst. Make sure that you have all the facts in your hands. It is easy to take things in the wrong way or to go off another tangent. This is also a time when creativity may help you to find the answers that lead to new or better outcomes and solutions by becoming self empowered. Keeping a good attitude is paramount in good health and finding a new path to well being. Peace.


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