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May 7, 2018

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Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your card for the day 

Nine of Wands

Increase or Renewal of life energy, one begins to feel invincible, things take a new direction

Associations with 9 of Wands

I Ching - Hexagram  7 - Shih - Leadership If there is a good leader there will be no mistakes.

Earth is above Water which represents a source of unlimited energy.

Love - The energy that comes with the 9 of Wands could lead to a build up of powerful desires or sexual energies. This can really heat up relationships of any kind. If there is no project to focus on or outlet for these energies, frustrations and power struggles can arise.  Set some projects into motion now or plan some date nights and take advantage of this cards energies.
Work -  At work if there if there is poor management or unclear objectives, where there are weaknesses, you may feel frustrations or see someone attempt to dominate others. Set clear job descriptions and priorities. This is a time when great things can be achieved.

Money - This is the time your renewed energy can be put to good use to overcome challenges or set things in motion that you have thinking about doing but have not done yet. With the energy you have, your focus can really improve your Finances now. Correctly placed you can set the stage for great success.   

Health - This card represents the tenacity and resilience of the life force. If you have been feeling down and wanting to start a new exercise or health plan, take advantage of this time to begin. If there has been extended grief or sorrows the 9 of Wands can represent some new beginnings and renewal of energies.

Peace is with you always.

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