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July 6, 2018

Spirit ~ Forces  TM

 It’s in your Cards

Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your Card for the day

The Chariot

Will power – Transportation – Travel – Vehicles – Vacations – Transformation

Moving ahead in life – Engaging in the adventure


Associations to the Chariot

Rune – Hagal – Man/Woman – Androgynous – Elemental Power

Kabbalah – Hebrew Letter – Tav – To strive for resolution or completion


Love – It’s easy to become over exuberant and have expectations of those close to you that may presently be beyond what is possible from them. This could be a time to make plans to have some spontaneous fun, a romantic trip or vacation.


Work – With your will power you can accomplish a lot presently or bring a project to completion. If you try to hard to control things conflicts may arise. Consider collaborating or letting others take the lead. The Chariot may also represent travel with work coming up or meeting someone who travels with work.


Money – Financial situations will improve, as you have the energy to make things happen. You may find the funds to purchase a new vehicle or repair the one you have. That trip you have been wanting to take you have wanted to take or that special place you have dreamt about may be within reach now.


Health – The Chariot represents a renewed will power to achieve your goals or to over come fears or challenges at this time. If there is a plan to start a new, approach, regime, exercise or nutrition plan, you will find this is the right time and will be helpful in renewing your strength health.


Peace is with you always.

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