Ace of Swords -It's in Your Cards

July 12, 2018

Spirit ~ Forces  TM

Its in Your Cards

Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your card for the day 

The Ace of Swords

Breakthrough - Logic - Bravery - Deep Thinking - Emotion - New Beginnings - Liberation

Love - This is a card of new beginnings, thinking things through. Going after someone you have been interested in, giving a relationship a second chance, starting over. Friendships, relationships, and family ties, its time to finally speak your truth about something that has been upsetting you. Don’t worry about how they react, sometimes everyone needs a little discipline.  

Work - The Ace of Swords prompts you to take a new approach to any challenging situation. Changing policies and going after a promotion or a whole new job, looking for training or back to school, time to start doing something you have always wanted to do.  

Money - Think things through before investing or committing yourself to financial obligations. When you have all the facts and have looked at all the angles go ahead with your plans. This is not a time to over extend yourself. Keep a contingency plan in your back pocket.

Health - This card instigates you become focused on changing something in your life to make things better. Quitting smoking, coffee, drinking, changing diets, or routines, starting exercise plans could be very important to you at this time to change old patterns. If you have been thinking about it now is a good time to start.     

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