Four of Pentacles - It's in Your Cards

July 19, 2018

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It’s in Your Cards

Photographed and Written by Jesai

Intaglio Print by Jesai


Your Card for the Day

Four of Pentacles

Holding onto things that need to be let go or refined to move ahead. Feeling overwhelmed, disoriented or afraid. Honor the feelings to be guided out of the repetition.  A time of creativity, excitement, liberation, finding self empowerment, may be at hand.



Associations to The Four of Pentacles

I Ching Hexagram 51 – Chen – The Arousing – Awakening -  Force of Thunder – Spirituality

To be Alert – Breakthrough – Yang energy under Yin equals great bursts of change and energy


Love – Fear can cause you to act in many different ways that may not be true to yourself. It can make  you to hold on too tightly to things  or attempt to control situations or circumstances. The message of this card is to find a safe place within yourself and a new path will form before you. Contentment and love do not come from the outside but from with in you when you are truly being yourself. 


Work – You may be in an environment where you feel trapped and unable to make changes because of the security or the wages or fear to look elsewhere. This is not always the best feeling to prompt positive changes. Find some outside personal interests, sports, the arts, going back to school, to give back to yourself. This may make it all ok or bring new opportunities your way.


Money – Anxiety and fear about finances, waiting for decisions about money, worrying about someone elses situation, tends to grow these emotions quickly and can become overwhelming. This takes away from the small joys that are right before you. This card calls for new understanding and faith to know and realize that somehow you and those you love always make it by and are taken care of.


Health – This card tells you that you may have been hurt or upset by someone close to you or shocked by some situation and you have not yet found a way to let it go. It has gained power over you. These situations become your teachers to overcome adversity if you can find the lesson within. Practice contentment, meditate, exercise, take a vacation, otherwise the outside has power over your insides.


Peace is with you always


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