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September 5, 2018

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It's in your Cards

Photographed and Written by Jesai


The Card of the Day


The Transformation Card does not represent endings but a time of deep transformation, change and timing. To go within one’s self. It can be a call for you to have to let go or give something up for a new beginning to take place.


Associations to the Transformation Card

Rune – Berkana – the rune of growth. Right action will align you with your true will. This may be a time for self forgiveness. To forgive someone else changes nothing. Self forgiveness brings self transformation.

Kabbalah - Hebrew Letter Nun Fish representing change is the ebb and flow of life. Nun marks the process of breaking free of bondage and finding your way back home.

Astrological Sign – Scorpio - Truthfulness, independence and free will are important things to Scorpio.


Love – Being unhappy in a relationship whether it is family, friend or lover, stops you from being your true self. When it seems impossible for things to change maybe its time for a heart to heart conversation about what is most important and what has not been said. Being your true self is not dependent upon another person. Stand in the power of  who you are or move on so you both may grow.     


Work – If you are unhappy where you are but can’t bring yourself to leave, things may come about that force you into change. This can bring great difficulties. Take control of things as the changes may lead to your greatest good.


Money – If there are challenges with finances don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Don’t avoid reality. Try to look at the situation as creatively as possible, then take the action needed to get through things. Things will be fine in the long run and you likely profit greatly from the changes this situation will bring.  


Health – Cultivating a positive attitude, happiness, contentment, is most important at this time in reducing stress levels.  Don’t avoid problems that arise, face them head on. Find the answers and solutions that will help you to move through these transformative times with ease. Change will always bring struggles but at the end, understanding and wonderful new beginnings are waiting for you. Seek the love and attention you need to help you through challenging times.


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