Five of Wands - It's in Your Cards

October 1, 2018

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It’s in Your Cards

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Your card for today

Five of Wands

Inner Strength – Physical Strength - Competition – Rivalry – This may have positive or negative tones – Conflicts and Jealousies may arise at work and in love,  greater feelings of  love, commitments, if competition arises practice non-reaction to change the direction of things to a positive.


Associations to the Five of Wands

I Ching Hexagram - #49 – Gir -  The Hide of a Cow - Reformation or Revolution - Lake above Fire – Opposing natures – Special attention is required to keep balance and to achieve positive outcomes.        If one is greater than the other the lesser shall be overcome.


Love – This could be a time when you receive more attention than usual, be ready, willing and able.  There may also be competition for yourself or the one you love or the one you have your attention on. This is time to have faith in yourself. Go after what is yours Express your feelings and love.


Work – There may a lot of competition at work or for the job you really want. Believe in yourself, find your inner strengths and move ahead with confidence. Be honest and fair, as others may not have the integrity that you have and these opposing natures will become clearly seen. 


Money – Be cautious of getting caught in bidding wars or acting desperately because the deal to make some fast money has a quick expiry date. Look closely at your finances, if you feel you are behind on payments or bills, contact the company and let someone know. Be honest, they may be more helpful or forgiving than could imagine.


Health – The stress and frustrations, fears of things not going your way, challenges with people or relationships can all take their toll on your soul. This may be the perfect time to make some time for yourself to do nothing. Take a break from the stress in your life, meditate, exercise, take a trip, trust yourself now and practice well being.


Peace is with you always.

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