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December 11, 2018

Spirit ~ Forces  TM

It’s in Your Cards

Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your card for the day 

The Fool

Intuition, Instincts, New beginnings, Impulsiveness, Taking Risks, Foolishness, Fun, Happiness

Associations to The Fool

Rune - Wanjo - Joy, Light

Kabbalah - Hebrew Letter - Aleph - The Number One - Ox - Leader - Chief

Love - Taking a risk, being impulsive, listening to your intuition, can put the fire back in relationships and friendships. Being foolish, maybe some role playing can help stretch your boundaries. Donʼt miss the opportunity to go out and be social or get away on an adventure. Begin to put into action the things you have been putting off.

Work - Donʼt pass up opportunity that you see or is offered to you now. New beginnings are in the air. Take the lead. If there is something you have planned on doing, this could be the time to begin. Taking new approaches to the regular grind, the things you have dreamt of, can lead you into greater sense of happiness and success.

Money - The Fool wants you to know no matter how challenging things may seem, that you will always be taken care of and have enough to get by, to manage what is most important. The Fool also says that finances are about to get better for you now. Listen to your inner voice.

Health - You may discover a new approach to your old routine and find a renewed sense of strength and attitude. This could mean shaking up your routine, exercise, nutrition, medical....   this is a time to practice feeling well and strong. Have some fun, be self empowered, be guided by your feelings not you emotions.

Peace is with you always.
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