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January 3, 2019

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It’s in Your Cards

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Your Card for Today

Seven of Swords

Competition, Investigation, Research, Revealing what has been hidden, Finding and Following your true path - Be sure to do things in the right way, Watch you don’t step into someone else’s agenda.


Associations to the Seven of Swords

I Ching Hexagram #36 – Ming Yi – Sun below Earth - As it may be more difficult to see things clearly, one must act correctly and carefully. If fire is covered by earth light will become temporarily obstructed.


Love – Trusting yourself may be important when the Seven of Swords appears. Pay attention, be yourself and allow the others to be themselves as then you will know what you can depend upon them for. Let go of your expectations in others. In new relationships, be careful of trying to hard. Have fun become yourself.


Work - It may be time for an evaluation of your performance, or there may be a new agenda or a restructuring of the business. It may be a good time to look at new marketing strategies for a business. There may be feelings or pressures and emotions that come with competition.


Money – This may not be the time to try to get something for nothing. Be cautious of trying to cover the truth or manipulate things to get what you want. It may be found out or back fire on you. You might be trying too hard to change your image. Be who you really are, money does not determine what or who you are, it only creates an image that you will have to live up to or become trapped within.


Health –There may be feelings of confusion or betrayal. This may be a time to search for more information or another opinion. The words Cure and Heal are very different things.  There may be many ways to take care of what needs attention.  Practice peace and see what paths appear before you.


Peace is with you always.

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