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March 16, 2019

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It’s in Your Cards

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Your Card for Today

The Eight of Swords                                                                                          

Fear of change or moving forward as things are about to take place. Extreme anxieties and self-doubt may influence decisions if not held in check. Every action and decision affect how the path ahead of you appears and unfolds. If you drive recklessly you may be the cause of incidents that happen. Pay attention and let go of unfounded fears that you perceive and may stand in your way. Things may turn out better than you could ever have hoped for.


Associations to the Eight of Swords

I Ching Hexagram #21 – Shih Ho – Biting through hardships brings success - Fire above Thunder           One must cut through negative forces with a clear intention, decisiveness and knowledge.


Love – If you are with someone who is happy and fulfilled, chances are that you will also feel happy and can be your true self. Sometimes we hold onto people and situations out of fear of being alone. Love does not come from others, but inside of you. If you are not feeling it, then there may be someone around you that prevents you from being your true self. When you cannot feel that love, loneliness grows inside of you. In this way you may feel lonelier in a relationship where you can not be yourself than if you were to be alone and nurture the love within you. This is the key to finding your true love.


Work – If it is time for a change then do what you need to do to transform yourself to fulfill your dream. It may be time to go back to school or ask for the training you need to expand your present position. It could be time to revisit your job description or take care of the marketing needed to expand your business. Set a clear path and intention for yourself and go for it.


Money – You have likely been taught that positive thinking will bring a positive change. Really it is the feeling you hold inside that becomes your practice and your reality. In the ancient world the condition of the heart will determine what thoughts arise and captivate the mind and will become self-fulfilling prophecies.  Knowledge will help you to change how you feel and take actions needed to find dreams.


Health – The word Believe really means you don’t know. When you have knowledge then you know, as you have actual experience. Most people, even professionals, only have beliefs systems not actual experience or knowledge behind their guidance.  A belief may have fear attached to it which gives power to someone over you. Knowledge brings security with your actions or gives you the ability to become self-empowered. This will strengthen your heart and clear the mind of fear and negativity.


Peace is within you always.

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