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April 27, 2019

Spirit ~ Forces TM

Its in Your Cards

Photographed and Written by Jesai


Your card for the day

The Star

To be Guided - Things that move in cycles - Cause and Effect - To manifest by feeling not thinking

Associations to The Star

Rune 9 Eihwaz - Respect - Patience

Kabbalah Hebrew Letter - Tzaddi - Fish Hook - The mind enters into mystery and brings forth the creative world.

Love - The Star Card presents a time of social activities and opportunities for love. There is a chance to go do something special with a loved one or friends. You can make one of those moments that last forever if you play your cards right.

Work - This card represents a time you can really shine at your job. Hard work shows a level of commitment and confidence that can win you a promotion or give you the strength to go after that position you have really been wanting or waiting for.

Money - This is a time to make a wish list in order of priority for the things you want. This is a time when you can make things happen. Then put your list into action. Think positively and know great things can happen.

Health - You can be feeling stronger and even if you have been feeling down, it wont show now. This is a time you can find important information to help yourself or others to set goals that will improve situations. Your energy will benefit everyone around you now. Its time to really shine.

Peace is with you
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